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Formation Support for Vietnam (FSVN) is a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Texas since 2010. We assist the Church in Vietnam in the formation and education of clergy, religious, and seminarians for ministry. We help these students with their academic and spiritual formation by seeking scholarships from U.S. colleges and universities, seeking arrangements of room and board, and providing them with academic, cross-cultural, spiritual, and legal support.

The need for formation and education of religious and priests in Vietnam arises from its social context. After the Vietnam War, all Catholic education have been suppressed and Catholic schools and seminaries were shut down. Religious and priests in Vietnam have not had access to professional training. The Vietnamese political situation has now eased up somewhat. The number of religious and clergy has been flourishing, with a significant number of new vocations among priests and religious. There are 181 men and women religious congregations in 26 dioceses. Each of them currently has on average about 100 postulants. Men and women of religious carry out different ministries, including educating young Christians and non-Christians, taking care of HIV infected individuals, lepers, and orphans, and advancing the flourishing of women. Read more