Policy for Acceptance of International Applicants

An American diocese will consider the application requests from International applicants who meet the criteria set by the Bishop of the Diocese. The International applicant must receive a good recommendation from Formation Support for Vietnam (FSVN) during the interview process after a due diligence review by the admission board of FSVN. The applicant must provide all documentation pertaining to sacraments, education, available background checks, and psychological evaluations. The applicant must obtain an FI Visa once the American diocese has agreed to sponsor the applicant. The diocese will provide a letter of sponsorship in order to obtain the F1 Visa. A seminary or university assigned by the diocese will provide the I-20’s form and acceptance letter to English as a second language, philosophy, or theology program. All International Applicants will undergo a psychological evaluation and background check as part of the application process in the United States. All International Students will be enrolled in the English as a Second Language program at the seminary or university assigned by the Bishops or Vocational Directors if they have not proven proficiency in English. Once an International Applicant has completed his studies (College and or Pre-Theology) and has demonstrated his proficiency in the English language he would then go onto Major Seminary for Priestly Formation.  If at anytime the International student cannot meet the criteria for formation, the Diocese may terminate the agreement.

Formation Support for Vietnam

FSVN is responsible for recruitment and reviewing potential candidates through its admission committee made up of two priests who have substantial experience in priestly formation and vocational direction, a psychologist, and a spiritual director. We contact the Bishops, pastors, families and friends of the candidates and seek any pertinent information concerning these men.

Once they are approved by the committee, FSVN will present them to any American diocese requesting candidates. FSVN will support these men in terms of visa application at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Vietnam, traveling plans, and liaison between the candidates and the U.S. diocese.  During the time of their studies, FSVN collaborates with sponsoring diocese to ensure that these seminarians understand and follow the guidelines and meet the expectations of their ordinaries/vocation directors/diocese as well as continue to make adjustment to their new environment and culture. FSVN also hosts several annual retreats and conferences for these men, directed by American bishops, seminary rectors, and priests in the U.S. They are encouraged to build up healthy friendships with other seminarians and religious through picnics, vacations, and breaks, organized by the FSVN as each individual diocese permits.