Key Facts

  • Totally 210 assisted students are currently in the United States, including 138 Sisters, 32 priests, 26 seminarians, and 14 Brothers.
  • A third of students (78 students) are currently in the English as a Second Language program. More than a quarter (61 students) are in A.A./B.A. programs. Around a quarter (46 students) are in M.A. programs. 11 students are in doctoral programs. And 14 are doing ministry.
  • Students currently study and minister in 31 states and District of Columbia in the United States. The most popular states are Connecticut, followed by Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, and New York with at least more than 10 students studying and ministering in each state.
  • There are 78 students who have returned to Vietnam upon their study completion: 40 Sisters, 19 priests, and 13 seminarians.